Rulon was inspired to create art about the American Dream during a 2011 artist retreat in Costa Rica. He fell ill and received emergency medical care from a Costa Rica clinic (publicly funded universal healthcare system). The emergency care cost Rulon the equivalent of $20 USD. Meanwhile back home in Seattle, one of Rulon’s family members was skipping doses of the medication that kept her Multiple Sclerosis in remission because insurance companies rationed her life-saving prescription drugs (limited access private health system funded by public and private money).

RESTLESS is a catalogue of Rulon Brown’s creative work inspired by The American Dream. It began with music and now includes film, jewelry, community art, and interactive art installations.


RIPPLE is Rulon Brown’s multi-media artwork about the Sammamish River in Washington State. The river was once a water highway but now flows quiet under an I-520 overpass and through the heart of Redmond, Washington. The music of RIPPLE layers sound and images recorded from under the water and around the Sammamish River. This interactive community work was shared via mobile app, walking tour of river nature and history, free community concert, and a secret live show along the river bank. Made possible by a grant from 4Culture

ArtThrob Commission

Live Performance