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Nicaragua International Jazz Festival

JUST ANNOUNCED: The U.S. Department of State, Embassy in Nicaragua will host Rulon Brown at the Nicaragua International Jazz Festival, February 20 – 23, 2013. Rulon’s band features three of Seattle’s brightest talents including the celebrated interdisciplinary artist Paul Rucker (cello, electric bass), experimental improviser and composer Bill Horist (electric guitar), and Rulon’s long-time rhythm collaborator Jeff Busch (world percussion, drums). The group will perform originals, standards, and premiere new music from Rulon’s forthcoming project Restless – music inspired by the success and struggle of American dreams.

21 Feb., 5 PM, Plaza Reloj Central en Diriamba
22 Feb., 6 PM, Teatro Municipal “José de la Cruz Mena” en León
23 Feb., 5 PM, Parque Nacional Histórico Loma de Tiscapa en Managua
Clase Magistral
20 Feb., 2 PM, Junior Music en Managua
21 Feb., 2 PM, Museo de Historia y Cultura en Diriamba
22 Feb., 2 PM,  Armonía Musical en León

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En la noticias: El Nuevo Diario y La Prensa

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LDS Film Fest to feature Sanctuary

The LDS Film Festival selected Sanctuary, a film about Rulon Brown and Mormon musical practice, for multiple screenings during the festival, January 25 through 28, 2012 at the SCERA Center in Orem, Utah.

“I’m thrilled the film will show alongside work from some of the most creative thinkers on LDS topics,” says Rulon of the honor. “The LDS Film Festival is a really big deal in Mormon cinema and since Sanctuary is all about LDS musical worship, I’m eager to see how people react to it in the screenings.” Continue reading LDS Film Fest to feature Sanctuary