Nick Torretta Quintet at Egan’s

Enjoy an evening of jazz curated from the finest tunes by West Coast masters Lee Konitz, Lennie Tristano and Warne Marsh as well as originals. Featuring Nick Torretta on tenor and alto sax, Rulon Brown on alto sax and flute, Ronan Delisle on guitar, Xavier D. Lecouturier on drums and Tony Lefaive on bass.

The Morgan “GM” Bari Sax Mouthpiece

Morgan Mouthpiece Company sent me one of their new “GM” bari sax mouthpieces and I am happy to share this review. They call it the “GM” because it’s a hybrid of the classic MC Gregory and a Morgan mouthpiece. The MC Gregory mouthpiece company went out of business years ago but only after the bari master Gerry Mulligan made their mouthpieces famous.  Morgan Mouthpiece Company obtained the old original Gregory molds, cleaned them up and are refreshing this classic mouthpiece with their own unique twist.

Rulon Brown joins Rock Lottery, Feb. 20 at The Crocodile

The Rock Lottery is simple, but effective. Twenty-five hand-picked musicians meet at 10:00AM at the evening’s performance venue. These volunteers are organized into five bands through a lottery-based chance selection. The five groups are released to practice at different locations. The musicians have twelve hours to agree upon a band name and create three to five songs (with a one cover song limit). The bands then return to the venue and perform what they have created in front of a waiting audience.

NAMM 2016 – All The Music Gear You Could Ever Dream Up!

I had a blast hanging out at the National Association of Music Merchandisers (NAMM) convention this January with my dear friends John & Barb Kagerer of Alaska Music & Sound. My first job (other than my sub-zero Alaska morning paper route) was apprenticing in band instrument repair with John. I’d never been to NAMM before and I went to do research for the music care product I’m developing (more news on that in 2017).

Free Music #5 – The Middle

We’ve eaten our roast meat and sugar cakes, sent fire into the air, sung anthems, covered hearts, and convened a national toast. Hopefully somewhere in all this we considered the ideas and sacrifice that fuel the American […]

New band CD, Vida

I’m thrilled to announce the new Rulon Brown band album – VIDA. VIDA features prog rock anthems from my RESTLESS project and is a tribute to the people of Nicaragua. My band recorded the music live […]

Music for Apps

I recently created a galactic opera theme for Prop Group’s forthcoming iPhone game, Space Viking. The game is due out this summer. Thanks again to co-collaborator, Mike Weiser, and lead […]

Press Clippings

Rulon Brown is “one not to miss… one of Seattle’s up and coming” – Seattle Flute Society “Exceptional is the only word to describe the poise, technique and taste…of [Rulon] Brown” […]

Sax / Flute Lessons

I love teaching and help students with technique, healthy use of breath and body, improvising, sight reading, theory, composing, and more. The U.S. State Department recently invited me to teach at the Nicaragua International Jazz Festival and […]