I love teaching saxophone, flute, composition and digital music production. I help students with technique, healthy use of breath and body, improvisation, sight reading, theory, composing, and more. The U.S. State Department recently invited me to teach and perform at the Nicaragua International Jazz Festival and the Tres Mundos institute. I have 18 years teaching experience and spent three of those years in a teaching artist band that toured the U.S. and worked with K-12, college and adult students.

Where & When:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at Music & Arts in Issaquah.

Pricing & Lesson Policy:

  • All lessons are one-on-one and tailored to your musical goals
  • I set my schedule to be there for you every week. If I miss a lesson, I credit your account.
  • There are no make up lessons. If you miss a lesson, you are responsible to pay for the lesson and we continue when you return.
  • Flex scheduling during summer break is available to accommodate long vacations but must be arranged in advance. No drop-in lessons.
  • Holidays – If your lesson time falls on one of the holiday times listed below, you will be credited for the missed lesson.
  • Lesson tuition is paid by credit card auto-bill each month. Charges vary based on the following system:
    $62/60 min or $31/30 min. The system pro-rates your payment in the event of my sickness or absence.
  • Phone (2O6) 930 – Five One Zer0 Five for more information.

Student Comments:
“Motivational and fun. Rulon has helped me establish personal musical goals and then made attaining them fun. I learn a lot every time I have a lesson and have made great progress. It is now a joy to create music and realize that I can improve while still having fun. I highly recommend him as a teacher.”
– Flute Student

“Great teacher who allows his students to express their creativity. This summer I started getting into digital music composing and began writing my own songs. Rulon has been very helpful in focusing my ideas and teaching me how to be a better composer. He has helped me develop my song ideas and taught me to focus on the melody and song structure rather than on effects and instruments. I really enjoy my lessons and like that Rulon provides critical feedback of my work but allows me to develop my own ideas. I have learned a lot from my lessons and feel that my songwriting skills have improved substantially.”
– 16 Yr old Computer Music / Composition Student

“Rulon Brown has helped me learn so much with my saxophone. I came to him as a beginner and now I am in the jazz band at school! He is fun and he teaches me in stages. If I’m struggling in one area we work on it during my lesson until I get it down. He likes to see me progress and is very encouraging, supportive, and fun. He pushes me to work hard during my lessons and I have really improved because of that. I would totally recommend Rulon as a music teacher and for anyone wanting to learn to play the saxophone!”
– 8th Grader from Cedar Park Middle School

“I am an adult who has little music background. Before signing up the lessons, I was hesitated whether a teacher would be impatient to teach someone like me. A friend who plays in orchestra encouraged me and went through several sax teachers’ profiles and picked Rulon for me. And it turns out that Rulon is really great. Without doubt on his professional knowledge, but also that he is a very encouraging. He has more faith in me than I have in myself. He explores my strength and uncovers it; he also finds my problem and tailored a procedure for me to improve. I would highly recommend him as a teacher. But wait, please don’t compete with my schedule. :-)”
– Saxophone Student

“Our son has started playing the flute (per BSD 5th grade requirement) and was having a lot of frustration in getting good notes. [After only the first lesson with Rulon], I was very impressed at the difference in our son’s performance. Rulon was able to effectively engage with our son using a mix of verbal explanations and clever demonstrations on how to play the flute properly. Our son really enjoyed the visit and at the end of the first lesson was much more confident in himself and enthusiastic about learning the instrument. We are very excited for our next lessons with Rulon. I would highly recommend him as a flute instructor.”
– Father of 10 year old Bellevue School District flutist

-From the parent of teenage student: “[My daughter] really enjoys having you as her teacher. I like the way you are encouraging her and trying to pull her out of her comfort zone and helping her to be more self confident in who she is as a musician. She is one that needs to be encouraged to go to the next level with playing her saxophone and you have great way of doing that during her lessons.”

“You’re not just teaching her notes on the instrument or just songs out if a book; your teaching her how to work with the saxophone to get the feel of it, to get the right fingering and the right sound to come out. I like that your helping her realize she doesn’t have to be perfect but that she just needs to keep practicing and every time she practices she gets better! Thank you for helping her, she has really improved a lot since she has been taking lessons from you.”