Find Rulon Brown hiding in Gigapixel Artzoom from Microsoft

Rulon Brown hiding in plain sight in the new Microsoft Gigapixel Artzoom

Check out Microsoft’s new and see if you can find Rulon Brown hiding in plain sight. The massive megapixel panorama photo features Seattle artists dancing, painting, and playing across the city and is another great test of Microsoft ICE software used to stitch thousands of different photos together.

John Boylan announcing Microsoft Gigapixel Artzoom at Seattle Art Museum

The project was announced last night during a party at Seattle Art Museum and quickly hit tech news bogs and news outlets (read here, here, here, here). This community art project would not be possible without the creative folks at Microsoft Research, Seattle art hound John Boylan, and the super-wrangler-project managers Amy Billharz and Elise Ballard!

The first person to locate Rulon and email him the cross streets of where he is located in the photo will receive three signed CDs.

Gigapixel Artzoom