LDS Film Fest to feature Sanctuary

The LDS Film Festival selected Sanctuary, a film about Rulon Brown and Mormon musical practice, for multiple screenings during the festival, January 25 through 28, 2012 at the SCERA Center in Orem, Utah.

“I’m thrilled the film will show alongside work from some of the most creative thinkers on LDS topics,” says Rulon of the honor. “The LDS Film Festival is a really big deal in Mormon cinema and since Sanctuary is all about LDS musical worship, I’m eager to see how people react to it in the screenings.”

Directed by Seattle filmmaker Aaron BourgetSanctuary is a spirited short documentary about the constraints of Mormon musical tradition, Christian devotion, fellowship and belonging. Sanctuary features Rulon’s original music and performances by the acclaimed Total Experience Gospel Choir.

This may be the last chance to see Sanctuary on the big screen. The film has already shown well at festivals including the Faith Film Festival in NY, Fear No Film Festival in SLC, and DOCUTAH in Cedar City, Utah.