ThanksOweenEasterNukkah… for All!

Why can’t we all just get along for the holidays?
Rulon Brown’s festive new spoof tells us why not. Get your free download of ThanksOweenEasterNukkah at

ThanksOweenEasterNukkah is a campy croon inspired by Christmas jazz from the 1950s and features the vocal melodrama of Sheila Moss. Rulon wrote and recorded the song in just one day way back in late November 2010. But as anyone with the holiday spirit will tell you, that is simply not enough time to market and consume holiday cheer!

From our family to yours, we invite you to share in the warmth and spirit of the Holiday season by gifting the free MP3 (AKA indie-artist marketing device) to your friends, family, loved ones and enemies.

Happy ThanksOweenEasterNukkah RamadaKwanzaMas!