Press Clippings

Rulon Brown is “one not to miss… one of Seattle’s up and coming”

– Seattle Flute Society

“Exceptional is the only word to describe the poise, technique and taste…of [Rulon] Brown”

– Larry Spellens (Jazz Critic)

“An oddly communal, intimate experience. Headphones usually isolate the listener, but in [Rulon’s] Restless they unite [the audience]… It’s a neat bit of group choreography, with the 50 different compositions suddenly joining together in the high-ceilinged space.”

 Seattle Weekly, Arts Editor Brian Miller

Rulon’s CD, Rejoice, blends Christian melody with world rhythm and improv. The music inspired Ross Hauck (founder of the Sacred Music Foundation) to declare: “[Rulon] defies description or category. I’m going to call him an ambassador of Christativity… Christianity and creativity together.” Rulon began the Rejoice project after an inspiring unrehearsed recording session with Jeff Busch (drums / percussion), Dawn Clement (piano) and Paul Rucker (bass / cello).

“Brown’s hard driving saxophones, expressive flutes and haunting wind synthesizer add a broad spectrum of musical colors to the group’s unique sound.”

– The West Virginia Daily News

“The [Rulon] Brown Quartet calls upon a power house rhythm section of guitar, bass, and percussion, featuring the saxophone and flute stylings of [Rulon] Brown. [Rulon] offers a fluid sound that burbles like Desmond and gushes like Coltrane. His melodies articulate an almost vocal quality…that captivates the novice and entices those more versed in the jazz tradition.”

– Al Cordray, Ear Pollution

“Rulon’s sound, his commitment to excellence, his demand for artistic integrity, his choice of material, supporting artist, and project supervision all reflect the intensity of his dedication to excellence.”

– Julian Priester, Trombonist/Composer