Name change to Rulon Brown

I’ve begun using Rulon for my creative and musical activity. I chose the name because it was my Grandfather’s middle name and reminds me of his creativity and integrity.

I’m making the change because I want to exhaust myself making music, not finding new ways to be heard in the gaggle of Nate Browns. Put another way, my given name is so common it is a marketing liability. Google Nate Brown and you’ll find a guitarist, a drummer, a composer, a communications professor, a hydroplane racer and many other people I am not.

Please connect to my new music sites and pardon the clutter during transition.


-Rulon Brown

PS – Don’t worry. I’ll still turn my head if you shout ‘Hey Nate!’ in a crowded room.

One thought on “Name change to Rulon Brown

  1. Nate? I have been following your work online and I’m very impressed… Congratulations on your success and hope we can meet up soon because you still owe me a lunch…lol.
    But I do have a question. Why was the name change necessary? How’s the wife and kids? You know I did get married and now living in Australia. I even started a new family.
    If you have a chance drop me a line through my e-mail or Facebook
    again best wishes to an old good friend

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