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“Composing for Digital Musicians” class at Music Works NW

This Fall, Rulon Brown will teach Composing for Digital Musicians at Music Works NW. Are you producing your own music, remixing, or making your own beats, and want to up your game? Composer and producer Rulon Brown teaches time-honored arranging and composing techniques and helps students gain the skills they need to write fatter hooks, cut deeper grooves, and build better songs. Students will create their own music and have opportunities to showcase online and at live shows.  Bring your own laptop/controller or use one of Music Works computers loaded with Garage Band and Reaper software.

Time: 4:30-5:25 pm, Tuesday
Dates: October 1 – December 2
Ages: 14 +
Level: This course assumes you 1) Can comfortably navigate your own system or the IMac computers at Music Works.  2) Already have some experience creating via Garage Band, Logic, Ableton, Protools, or other systems.
Tuition: $185 (tuition assistance is available. Call 425-644-0988 for info)

Rulon will also lead a contemporary music ensemble called “The Next.”
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Announcing “The Next” Ensemble at Music Works NW

Starting this Fall, Rulon Brown will lead “The Next” contemporary music group at Music Works NW.
This new honors ensemble is open to performers, composers, and digital creators of all genres and explores the tools and trends of modern music making. The intensive course includes collaborative workshops, individual work, and work in class and on-line to create new music and study the artist-to-audience relationship of the 21st Century.

“The Next is for dare-devils who hunger to make new music, explore uncharted territory, and grow their artistic voice,” says Rulon. “Having met some of the great students at Music Works, I’m super excited to hear what we create together!”

Time: 6:00 – 7:20 pm, Tuesdays
Dates: (12 classes) October 8 – December 17
Ages: 14+
Tuition: $252 (tuition assistance is available. Call 425-644-0988 for info)

Level: This ensemble assumes you understand the fundamentals of your instrument or voice. Audition using any form of communication you prefer (music, letter, video, etc) to describe yourself, your music, and why you want to be part of The Next. Send it to Rulon [at]

Rulon is also teaching Composing for Digital Musicians.
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Untitled by Ondřej Lipár