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Jewelry at Twilight Gallery

I am happy to announce that a pendant and ring from my Restless jewelry collection are now available at Twilight Gallery until Jan. 6, 2014. UNITED Pendant from Rulon Brown's RESTLESS collectionThese two pieces are from a limited series of 100 and I make each one by hand. People who buy at Twilight will also receive a signed pre-release copy of RESTLESS, my new CD of music inspired by The American Dream. I encourage you to go meet gallery owner Tracy Cilona and enjoy the other great art she shares.

E PLURIBUS UNUM ring by Rulon Brown

Twilight Gallery
4306 SW Alaska Street, Seattle, WA
(206) 933-2444


2013, Rulon Brown
1/100 from the Restless Collection
U.S. coin edges

UNITED, pendant
2013, Rulon Brown
1/100 from the Restless Collection
Silver and U.S. and Canadian coins

UNITED pendant - Rear View with rope chain




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Video from the RESTLESS gallery installation

RESTLESS is an interactive performance installation by Rulon Brown that premiered June 6-16, 2013 at Paul Rucker’s Open Studio Project Gallery in Seattle.

Inspired by America’s broken medical system and the restless sleep of The American Dream, Rulon created this work to explore the barriers of community, what we share, and what we keep to ourselves.

50 identical headphones hang from 50 intravenous drip poles to play 50 unique accompaniments that blend with live solo performance. This video montage includes saxophone and room sounds that were recorded during live interactive performances. It also contains several of the pre-composed MP3 accompaniments people may have heard through the headphones.


Seattle Weekly Arts Editor, Brian Miller, described the “oddly communal, intimate experience.”
“Rulon Brown, whose Restless debut drew an avid audience during this month’s First Thursday art walk. Dangling from hospital IV stands are 50 red headphones with little mp3 players attached. On cue, Brown and his audience don the headphones, then he solos his alto sax over the track you’re hearing—each one different from your neighbors’, all of them composed by Brown. It’s an oddly communal, intimate experience. Headphones usually isolate the listener, but in Restless they unite the small standing audience. “It’s about community and how we create it and recreate it,” says Brown. “It’s playing with this idea of what we share and what we keep to our selves. Nobody can know what anyone else is hearing. It’s like when you’re sitting on the bus and you think you know what someone’s listening to.”

“For Restless—also the name of a larger body of work that includes Brown’s jewelry—audio cues sometimes direct listeners to remove their headphones and lift them overhead. It’s a neat bit of group choreography, with the 50 different compositions suddenly joining together in the high-ceilinged space. The total performance time is about 10 minutes.”


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RESTLESS – Rulon Brown’s Portrait of The American Dream

Rulon was inspired to create art about the American Dream during a 2011 artist retreat in Costa Rica. He fell ill and received emergency medical care from a Costa Rica clinic (publicly funded universal healthcare system). The emergency care cost him the equivalent of $20 USD. Meanwhile back home in Seattle, one of Rulon’s family members was skipping doses of the medication that kept her Multiple Sclerosis in remission because insurance companies rationed her life saving prescription drugs (non-universal, exclusive, private system funded by public and private funds).

RESTLESS is the open catalogue of Rulon Brown’s work inspired by The American Dream. It began with music and now includes film, jewelry, community art, and interactive art installations.

RESTLESS features 12 songs written, performed, and produced by Rulon Brown while touring North & Central America. Rulon crafted this concept album about the American Dream using only a simple microphone, laptop, and keyboard. Every sound from RESTLESS is Rulon playing real instruments, or triggering synthesized sounds, midi loops, and audio samples. The music comments on American ideas of opportunity, prosperity, safety, equality, exceptionalism, immigration, the environment, community, the common good, and much more.

UNITED Pendant from Rulon Brown's RESTLESS collectionWEARABLE SCULPTURE – Handmade Jewelry
Rulon began working metal at age 14 while working as an apprentice in band instrument repair. He started making jewelry as an adult after inheriting silversmith tools from his late-grandfather and namesake.

Each piece from the RESTLESS jewelry collection is wearable sculpture hand-made by Rulon and elegantly paired with music from his RESTLESS CD. These unique artisan designs make memorable gifts and are handcrafted from precious metals and coins from the U.S. and Canada. Available exclusively by special order or gallery exhibition.

“An oddly communal, intimate experience. Headphones usually isolate the listener, but in Restless they unite [the audience]… It’s a neat bit of group choreography, with the 50 different compositions suddenly joining together in the high-ceilinged space.”Seattle Weekly, Arts Editor Brian Miller

Rulon shared an interactive art installation, hand-made jewelry, and performances June 6 – 16, 2013 at Paul Rucker’s Open Studio Project located at 301 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104. All events were free.
JUNE 6, 2013, 5:30 PM, First interactive performance w/ six repeat performances every half hour. Nightly Performances continued at 6 PM through June 16.
MATINEE CONCERT, 2 PM, Saturday, June 15 with Jeff Busch, Bill Horist & Paul Rucker

Live show in Leon, NicaraguaRulon Brown and band, Photo by Oscar Navarrete Aguilar for La Prensia newspaper
Rulon and his band premiered music from RESTLESS while touring Nicaragua for the U.S. State Department sponsored Nicaragua International Jazz Festival. The band features interdisciplinary artist Paul Rucker (cello, electric bass), experimental improviser and composer Bill Horist (electric guitar), and Rulon’s long-time rhythm collaborator Jeff Busch (world percussion, drums).

VidaNEW BAND CD, VIDA features prog rock anthems from RESTLESS and a tribute to the people of Nicaragua. The band recorded the album live at Gravelvoice studios with renowned audio wizard Scott Colburn working the faders. Band Mates


COMMUNITY ART PUZZLE, MUSIC & FILM a limited-edition commission for Seattle Artthrob
Seattle Artthrob shareholders assemble Rulon's art puzzle

“The America Dream has inspired some of the world’s most intoxicating ideas,” notes Rulon, “and no matter how vivid, all dreams are just improvisation and synthesis. We make them up and then we wake up. But the ideas we cherish from our dreams inspire our best and worst actions. So I set out to synthesize sound dreams about America’s greatest export—our ideas of happiness, individuality, community and success.”

“I began RESTLESS to vent specific frustration with America. But creation is a healing act, cathartic. RESTLESS became a portrait project about my homeland, the things I love and a few things I hope to help improve.”