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The Morgan “GM” Bari Sax Mouthpiece

Morgan Mouthpiece Company sent me one of their new “GM” bari sax mouthpieces and I am happy to share this review.

They call it the “GM” because it’s a hybrid of the classic MC Gregory and a Morgan mouthpiece. The MC Gregory mouthpiece company went out of business years ago but only after the bari master Gerry Mulligan made their mouthpieces famous.  Morgan Mouthpiece Company obtained the old original Gregory molds, cleaned them up and are refreshing this classic mouthpiece with their own unique twist. The mouthpiece is all hand-made from organic hard rubber.  The tone is warm and lush, the articulation and intonation is exceptional. It works well on modern horns but seems to also work great for vintage horns like Bueschers or Conn. It’s trendy right now for players to use a “paint scraper” mouthpiece made of metal with extreme baffles and tone gimmicks that create super-loud, one-dimensional pop. This bari sax mouthpiece is NOT that. It has a gentle roll-over baffle and more tonal color and flexibility to spare. This piece will shine in a focused listening environment, chamber or studio session. Anywhere people are actually listening for tonal color and warmth, this bari sax mouthpiece has a home!

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Carbon Quartet featuring Rulon Brown – Spite House Concert

Rulon Brown (soprano sax), Chris Credit (bari sax), Kevin Nortness (tenor sax), Nick Torretta (alto sax)
Spite House
1513 14th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
Between E. Pine & Pike behind the brown gate on the west side of the street between the dry cleaners and 14th ave hair.

8pm – doors

8:30pm – House Band duo set
9:30pm – !!! Carbon Quartet !!!
10:30pm – people form duos and trios to improvise a piece
11:30pm – opens up to all folks to keep playing as long as they want

There’s a $20 suggested donation, but people are encouraged to give whatever they can and no one turned away. There will be food and beverage in the kitchen so it’s super family style and the audience is very present. Bring anything you’d like to share with the group.